Share Series

  • Subscription are accepted to the 1st of each calendar month.
  • Shares are issued at $1’000.00 per share.
  • Each share is tracked separately (no equalization).
  • Monthly investor reporting.
  • Yearly financial audit.
  • Tax reports in all jurisdictions.
  • One year holding period.
  • Redemptions with 90 days notice.
  • Nominee subscribers (via your bank) welcomed.

Asset Valuation

  • Public securities and futures contracts are market-to-market.
  • Loans are valued as per reporting policy of the originating loan broker, usually cash-based accounting wherein interest \ credit losses are recognized only when realized, and may be overlaid with accrued interest and\or loan loss provision as per the manager’s discretion.
  • Private equity positions are revalued only when a valid transaction was reported to have occurred and the profit\loss is allocated only to those shareholders on record when the effective risk was undertaken. Significant excess returns generated as result of investing in a handful or less of private equity investments, enabled thanks to our advanced accounting capability to correctly allocate the Profit realizing based on a historical shareholding key(s).