Accounting Policy

SUBSCRIBE: Shares are issued at $2’000.00 per share, in 50 Share lots, at the beginning of the first day of each calendar month.

REDEEM: Shares are redeemed with cash generated from the Fund’s assets. Redemptions are to the end of each calendar month within 30 days notice.

The price at which Shares are redeemed is in proportion to the Fund’s Net Asset Value, as determined in accordance with the following accounting policies (non-exhaustive):

Public Securities

-The publicly traded securities (ETFs) and futures contracts positions held by the fund will be carried in the Fund’s books at their marked-to-market value.

Crowdfunded Loans

-The Crowdfunded Loans will be valued in accordance with the valuation provided on the respective Crowdfunding Portal, which usually corresponds to cash-based accounting.

-Read more about how the loans are valued and the pro’s and con’s of cash-based accounting in the Private Placement Memorandum.

Private Equity

-Any private equity investments, whether crowdfunded, opportunistically placed as part of an exclusive pre-IPO investment or otherwise, will be carried at the value the investment was made until one of the following occurs:

-A partial sale is made by the fund to another investor, in which case the remaining equity investment will be marked to the sale price.

-A transaction between a buyer and seller, in which case the equity investment of the fund will be marked to the sale price, if the investment manager of the fund deems the transaction has sufficient validity so as to be representative, judgment of which lies with the investment manager solely.

-In unusual circumstances, such as a severe deterioration in the affairs of the private equity investment, the investment manager will write down the value of the investment based on a holistic valuation approach backed by a written Board Resolution.