Public Securities

-A modest proportion of the funds assets will be allocated in publicly listed securities. The risk will hereby be passively loaded on well established global factors such as global equities, short volatility, investment grade credits, sub-investment grade credits and long-dated treasury bonds.

-The purpose of this part of the fund is to be prepared to meet redeeming clients’ demands as those securities are liquid. Furthermore,  the securities serve as collateral posted to the Fund’s Broker against the FX hedges placed in the futures market.

                                                          Return Public Securities

-Public securities have performed well during the last decades and hence the expected return on a well diversified portfolio of global Stocks, Bonds, Loans, and Real Estate is positive.

-The fund’s biggest exposure in public securities is in the MSCI All Country Minimum Volatility (ACWV) for global equities and in the ProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury (UBT) for US Treasuries.