Value Added

Administrative Burden

  • RapFlag is a one-stop-shop to invest into wide portfolio of loans and other not easily available assets. You don’t need to open dozens of investment accounts, fund them via bank transfers, deploy the capital, regularly reinvest, and periodically re-balance.
  • Some loan brokers have a manually demanding process to deploy the capital, and so we developed a suite of technological tools to allow us to automate our capital deployment and redeployment.

Expertise and Know-How

  • It requires a trained eye and a lot of due diligence and hands-on experience to choose the right loan brokers and other counter-parties.
  • We reviewed a comprehensive list of over 2500 loan brokers and hear of new ones as they open up to the public.
  • Central currency hedging and collateral management.

Technological Accounting Solution

  • Advanced technological accounting solution to pull the asset data from each broker, consolidate the Fund’s assets into one accounting book, and send-out monthly investor reports.


  • The advantages to size in allowing a highly diversified asset base.

Tax Efficiency

  • The vast majority of our income passes (corporate) tax-free onto our shareholders without any tax leak.
  • We provide investor tax reports and basic instruction on how to file your taxes with respect to your RapFlag investment (not a replacement for independent tax advice).
  • In most cases investing via RapFlag is tax advantageous versus investing under your name.

Domiciliation Restrictions

  • Not everyone can invest on every platform directly in his personal capacity. For example, the US loan brokers do not generally accept non-U.S. investors.

Preferential Institutional Terms

  • We regularly obtain preferential investment terms from our loan brokers for our investment, fully credited to the benefit of our shareholders.
  • For example, we may receive a 2% reimbursement of the origination fee charged by a loan broker out of the 4% origination fee charged to the borrower.